Leading lines explained part 1.

Published on 9 May 2020 at 02:26

When we visit a beutiful place, first thing that comes to mind is to snap a picture of it.

Many times this enthusiam gets in the way of creating a memorable picture.

Do you often find yourself looking back at pictures from the last trip in Hawai and finding that they all have something similar?

Like there is something missing? Something making you to not stay and watch the image?

Then that is what you would describe as a flat picture!

For example this one above. Not to mean any harm, i still like it.


Do you notice how the main subject is placed in the middle?

Do you find your eye wandering around after that?

Thats exactly what i mean!

Now lets check this one.

First thing in front of you are these rocks, starting exactly from the corner, so you follow these rocks and your eye meets the castle and from there you gaze the horizon that is filled with dramatic clouds and the alps on the background.


Now you have explore the whole picture!

Yes im a master in editing!

You see, when things like a leading line are incorporated in your picture, it helps the viewer explore the picture, take that journey with you and that's an element that gives a picture depth and character.

You have an element in the foreground, you have your main subject and you have something in the background after that, all together they tell a story!

And that story is what makes your picture unique!

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