Hallo there!

Lets put a face behind this blog, along with a story.


I am Athanasios, friends call me Thanos. Born and raised in Greece. Always on the move and exploring.

I love traveling, i love new experiences and of course i love photography! It's a big passion of mine!

Merchant marine engineer by occupation. One more thing that i love!

Started taking pictures about 5 years ago, now is a part of my life.

One thing that i enjoy the most is the procces of learning. I love learning new things. Same way im learning how to make a blog now!

My goal, or lets say the purpose of this page, is to share all these with you. Knowledge that i already have or knowledge that i will aquire on the way. Share my experiences around photography as well as my opinion on different subjects around that.

Click on the buttons bellow and drop by to any of my profiles and say hi, or drop a comment below and let me know your opinion, your feedback, your support, or anything you might wanna share with me.

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