Leading lines explained part 2.

Published on 9 May 2020 at 02:27


Down you are gonna see a picture i took a few years back on my trip in Scotland.

It's the the Scottish parliament building in Edinburg.

What do you think about the picture?

Its ok say it! You don't like it! I know! Me neither!

Lets see how we can make it better!

What about now?!

Still no?! You don't like it?!

Did you notice these amazing leading lines?!

All these natural lines formed from objects in the frame that just draw you in the picture?!


Ok let me try again!

Yes the editing skills are really strong in me!

Lets see another example!

That's Queen Mary's bathhouse.

Yea apparently she had a bathhouse!

Let me try something!

Ok, what about now?!

Can you see how incorporating the fence in the frame, helps into leading your eye to the main subject?!

That is the purpose of leading lines!

Various objects in your foreground that come dynamically into the frame, either from a corner or from anywhere to give you that unconscious sense of direction.

It is a pretty powerful tool that can enhance your images drastically!

Look in your surroundings and try to find them and use them. Or use objects that you will find to create them.

Not only the lead the eye but they create that sense of depth to your picture!


Happy shooting!

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