Lightroom Mobile Presets

Some of us know how to edit, some of us don't!

But the thing that we all have in common, is that we all want our pictures to look amazing!

Since I have been editing for years, I have created this simple and easy to use preset pack.

Now, whether or not you have the knowledge you can make your picture stand out with just ONE click!

I am celebrating the launch of !

Now you get for free my preset bundle which includes 14 easy and ready to use, lightroom mobile presets!

Presets Complete

Here is How to get them!


  1. Download the zip file above.
  2. Extract them to your device.
  3. Import the pictures to lightroom and follow the intsructions below, on how to install them.

Instructions for the installation, right below!

Instructions: How to install the presets on your device!

These presets are dedicated for the lightroom platform! You can follow the detailed instructions on how to install them here! There is both a video and written instructions for you! For any problem or informations don't hesitate to contact me either here through the form or on Instagram!

The procces is easy and it is the same for iOS and Android devices.

You can watch the video or you can follow the steps below!

First, to use this presets you will need to download the Lighroom app from either the playstore or the appstore for FREE!

Then you will need to have the files that i will send you in your device.

After that you need to import them in the Lightroom app.

After you have imported all the images you need to open one by one and save the presets in your app.

Let me show you how!

Choose the preset.

Open it and click the dots on the right top corner, for more options.

Select the "create preset" option.

Put the name of the preset,

or any other name you want

and press the check point

to save the preset.

Now you are gonna have your presets saved on your device and you can link them through your device to any other device, phone tablet or computer you wish.

Now the only thing you have to do is to open the picture you want to edit, go to the presets menu and chose the preset you want to use and apply it to your picture.

Simple as that. Enjoy saving time and making your pictures look stunning!

Here you can see most of the presets that are included in the bundle!