Shooting modes. What are they and how to optimise them.

Published on 8 November 2021 at 18:25

Cameras now offer different shooting modes. These are found on the small dial that typically has some lettering on it.



The camera will take control and use the necessary setting in order to achieve the perfect exposure based on the reading it gets from the photometer.



You will have complete control over all settings of the camera and can decide what’s best for your particular shot.



This is something of a semi-auto mode. The camera lets you choose the aperture and then accordingly adjusts the rest of the settings to achieve the perfect exposure.



Similar to APERTURE PRIORITY, SHUTTER PRIORITY will let you choose the desired shutter speed and the camera will accordingly adjust the rest of the settings to achieve the perfect exposure. 



Program is indicated by the letter P setting on a digital camera. In this mode the camera automatically selects the shutter speed and aperture for an appropriate exposure. Afterwards, however, you can simultaneously change the shutter Speed and Aperture settings while maintaining the exposure. So, even if the shutter speed and aperture values are changed, the picture brightness remains the same.


Some modes can be useful if you’re in hurry and only care about having control over certain aspects. For example, in terms of depth of field, you can use Aperture Priority to save time in figuring out how to compensate your exposure for the perfect result.


Explore all of these shooting modes and find the one that suits your needs best!

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