24 Christmas gift ideas, for your beloved photographer.

Published on 20 December 2021 at 15:34

He is making a list and checking it twice! Christmas is here and I am sure that you are still looking on what to buy. Today I will help you decide and give you some options for your photographer friends and loved ones.


We will start off the list with the least expensive presents that you can find in almost any camera store, or online and moving on we will see some more ''sophisticated'' gadgets.


Disclaimer: Since us, photographers tend to be a bit dorky with our equipment, before you buy something expensive, try to make sure that it is something that they will need and use and it will be specific for their brand of equipment. It doesn't hurt to ask or try to fish for information to make sure that they will use it. At least make sure to add a return card and check with the shop that returns are possible.

Gifts for under 100$:



  1. If they are just starting their journey in photography, then a book can be a great idea for them to get some information and inspiration.

2. You can never go wrong with a cleaning kit. They tend to get used a lot so a new replacement will be really useful.

3. If they like to shoot outdoors, then a camera cover can be a great and versatile gift, helping them to protect their gear.

4. For those who like to explore new perspectives and get artistic then a lens ball will be the ideal gift. It is a photography accessory that can be used in multiple creative ways in photos.

5. A photographer always runs out of space for his things , or things to secure his gear while on the move. A great gift would be the Peak design anchors, which will allow them to attach it on any gear and carry it securely with them.

6. One of the most common things that photographers complain is the camera strap. even though the original one does the job it gets uncomfortable in many situations. So a great gift would be an alternative to that like the following:

7. A game changer item, at least for me it was the capture clip. It makes it really easy carrying my camera and yet having it easily accessible at any time.

8. A photographer can never have enough space, hence enough memory cards. So a memory card would be a nice gift and easy to find. Only thing to be careful about, is to buy a ''fast'' one, since most cameras nowadays are equipped with 4k video capabilities.  Last but not least make sure you get the right type for the camera model. There are SD, microSD or XQD cards, so make sure which one fits.

9. There is nothing more annoying than having your battery die in the middle of a shooting. An extra battery can always come helpful. Although, be extra careful when buying a battery, since you need to know the exact model of the camera and not only the brand.

10. If it happens that you know if they like any kind of photography that requires flashes, then you can get them one for the holidays. Even if the already have one they can always use an extra one to be creative. There are some universal brands that can connect with the camera brand, so you don't need to buy the ''original'' expensive one. There are plenty of options varying in price, it all depends on your budget and the photographers level/needs.

11. Colour is a significant component in photography. Even with flashes, you can add colour gels to create different flash colours and get all creative. This small magnetic filter holder will make it a lot easier for them to play with colour gels.

12. Another great gift idea is a light reflector. This gadget will help the photographer bounce the natural light the way he wants. Works great for portrait photographers but not only for them.

13. The key for less headaches, is the organisation of the equipment backpack. Photographers have a lot of small gadgets, cables, sd cards and so on. A great gift idea is a tech pouch that can hold all of these stuff inside, in an organised way so they won't get frustrated looking for stuff during the shoot.

14. If they like action cameras then a GoPro or any other action camera is a great gift for them to explore the action side of theirselves.

15. Now if they already have an action camera or a GoPro , then you can get them some accessories for that. My personal favourite is the underwater dome. This will allow them to capture nice pictures, showing whats under the water but also what is above the water. A great way to get creative in the water.

16. When having an action camera, the possibilities are endless, as long as you have the proper accessories to mount it. If they don't already have an accessory set or if they have only the basics, a nice set would be a great gift.

17. If they already have a drone a good gift would be some filters for the drone's camera. This will give them some flexibility while taking pictures and videos under harsh light. Just make sure that the ones you buy will be compatible with the drone model that they have.

18. Similar to the above gift, a great gift would be some filters for their camera. ND filters or a polariser filter will help them explore more advanced techniques like long exposure. These can get pretty expensive, especially if you aim for the best quality. But there are also option that will give great quality and results in an affordable price.

Now there is a tricky part here. There are 2 types of filters, the screw on ones, where you will need to know the thread diameter of the lens and the rectangular ones that are placed in a special holder attached to each lens. The later ones tend to be more expensive, so if you are on budget, the screw ons is your choice.

Now moving to the more expensive category, for gifts more than 100$

19. If you know that they want to experiment with flashes and lights in general then a lighting set with backdrops will be an ideal gift and it will keep them busy for long time!

If they already have something similar, then some extra backdrops on their own are also a nice gift.

20. Another great gift is a new camera bag. Although it will be better for the photographer to choose it, if you know them well or you know their needs then the bag is an amazing gift.

21. If they already don't have one, then a tripod is an amazing gift for them. The prices can vary from 30-40$ to 700$. Depending on your budget you can choose!

22. Like we said earlier photographers can never have enough storage space. That makes a good SSD drive an amazing gift idea that will help them to store and manage their photos.

23. Now we know that photographers spent a lot of time editing their pictures. A nice idea for a gift is the subscription for a year to their favourite editing software.

24. Lastly an amazing gift idea is an editing tablet. Just make sure that it is something that they want, since its use is not preferred by everyone.

Now i know that you might have this one photographer that keeps blabbering about that new lens or camera that they want, or this new drone that came out. These are always a great gift idea. Just make sure you get the right one that they want.

Also a really nice gift is a cup with their favourite picture of the year. Or even this picture printed and framed. Photographers always appreciate prints.



I hope this list helped you, or helped my fellow photographers receive some nice gifts this year! Hurry up, Santa is getting ready! Happy holidays!

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