Cleaning your camera sensor!

Published on 24 January 2021 at 03:22

It is going to be a time that you will notice a small dark spot on your picture. And you will think that there is something in the lens. And you will wipe it. But that little !^%$ will still be there. Then i got some news for you. Most probably you have some sensor dust.


So when it comes to this scenario, the solution is one, cleaning your sensor!

I know it sounds intimidating and you already think that this is only to be done by NASA technicians!


Well i have good news for you! You can do it at home, for under 30$.


DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any damage that you may cause to your camera due to improper use. If you don't feel confident enough for this, please go to your local camera shop and have your sensor cleaned there. 

So let's start!

Time estimate: 10 mins.

Things you will need:

  • Sensor cleaning kit 

You can find these HERE

Based on what sensor size your camera has, Full frame or Crop you will need to buy the equivalent cleaning kit. The swabs come in different sizes. Each one will have the exact sensor dimmensions to make the proccess easier.

HERE is the Crop sensor equivalent

  • A rocket blower


  • Enough light 

Or maybe a lighting loupe, that you can find here

Basicaly a magnifying glass with light, to help you inspect your sensor.


Bonus tip: Being in a humid room helps alot by keeping any dust in the room stuck to the surfaces. You can do the cleaning in the bathroom after a shower, it really helps!

Lets get started!


Before you will start the proccess you will need to enter the sensor cleaning mode in your camera.

In DSLRS this means that the camera will keep the mirror lifted so you can access the sensor.

In Mirrorless cameras it will lock the IBIS (in body image stabilazation), so the sensor won't move while you clean it.

It is different in every camera, let me know if you have any dificulties finding it.



      *For Sony camera users: After you enter the cleaning mode, do not power off the camera, otherwise the sensor will move freely again. It needs power to be locked in position.


      Step 1:

      Use the rocket blower to remove any excess dust from around the body of the camera.




      Step 2:

      Open the cover and use the rocket blower on the sensor.



      Step 3:

      Open the dedicated swab and use the liquid that comes with it. Don't use too much, so you won't leave any streaks on the sensor. Be very carefull to not touch the swab tip anywhere.




      Step 4:

      Place the edge of the swab on the edge of the sensor and steadyly, without pressing on the sensor too much, move it across to the other side. Then, placing the swab tip on the other side, go over the sensor one more time.


      DO NOT use the swab again. DO NOT try to use it only in one spot. It won't work and you will end up smearing the dust back to the sensor. Each side of the swab is meant to touch the sensor ONCE!

      Step 5: 

      Blow again the sensor with the rocket blower.


      Step 6:

      Close the protective cap.


      That's it! You are done!

      You can check you sensor now and enjoy dust free pictures.


      Let me know if you have any questions!

      Here is my video with the whole procedure! Enjoy

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