Memory cards, Goldfish Memory and the importance of back up!

Published on 2 May 2020 at 04:08

I believe that all of us have about a gazillion of these little bastards! Right?!

And you can never remember whats inside, what you have backed up or not.

I feel you i totally do, trust me!

It was only up until recently, after my last trip to Croatia, that i came back and i kept postponing transfering my files, even backing them up.

Yea, you guessed it right by now, i lost the files. I don't think that there is something more frustrating and painfull than losing pictures, pictures that you enjoyed taking, pictures that you were proud to share and print.

Funny story , or more like a stupid one.

My goldfish memory made me believe that i have my files backed up, so i sold my old camera, along with my memory card, that i hasty formated cause i though that i already have the files somewhere.

Bye bye photos...

Lesson learned! The hard way, but at least learned!

You always think that this wont happen or something. But trust me, it happens and when it does, it hurts.


So what did we learn?! We back up! Always!

Always bring with you an extra memory card or two, just in case something goes wrong with the one that you are using.



These things get smaller every day! You can always grab one or two, just dont forget to put them in their case to not lose them!

Most of the new cameras offer the option of the double card slots. It is quite usefull and i can save you the trouble when things go south. It is a good practice so, to set your camera to automatically back up your pictures to the second card, that way you already leave the place with one back up. Let me know down in the comments if you need any help with setting that up!

Now technology ofcourse has advanced, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to back ups. There are out there portable hard drives with some nice sockproof resistance that have a built in card reader, so you can just pop in your card and copy your files for later use.

You can find these in Amazon or your local retailer, although they make a great choise, some of them can be expensive or bulky to carry with you.


What i personaly use, and maybe some of you might consider is a portable card reader. Since i already carry with me my tablet and my phone, i can quickly plug this in and create one more back up, easy and fast. You can find these, in a prety decent price on Amazon.


What are we gonna do with all these back ups?! No we won't put them where the sun doesn't shine!

It's a procces that I personaly don't like. But it's nessecary.

We are gonna arange them. Yes you heard it.

Personaly i always keep an extra back up of my files on an external hard drive, just in case.

Of course i keep them on my computer/tablet for editing.

After all that i format the cards.

Now hang on a second there! I know that most of us normaly delete what we want from the card as soon as we plug it in a computer and most of the times this works great. Bear in mind that with this method you might end up making you card not usable.

With some devices, the card is formatted much like how a disk drive is formated when first used in a computer. In some cases, the device may format the SD card in a way that makes it only readable by that device and nothing else.

Let me know below with a comment if you have any questions on that!


Stay safe and always back up!


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